Have you been past our Hawick Campus and wondered what all that building work is about?

We are proud to say that the new part of the Hawick Campus is our Eco Room!

The Eco Room utilises a Passive House approach to ensure high energy efficiency; making best use of new materials, superinsulation, triple glazing and solar gain. Passive House design ensures airtightness and creates a space that is self-ventilating. Using the footage recorded from all stages of the build, virtual reality will enable learners to immerse themselves each aspect of the build and see how different materials are used to maximise efficiency.

Environmental monitoring and thermal imaging will help to demonstrate how the methods used to build the Eco Room differ from more traditional structures. The principles of airtightness can be exhibited using airtightness testing kit and training can be provided on this to students and local businesses alike.

In the photographs below you can see the frame of the room, waiting for its layers of insulation and sealing; as well as the (soon to be) green roof and sky lights prior to solar panels being installed.

The timber frame of the Eco Room, waiting for its insulation layers and sealing to be installed.


The soon-to-be green roof eagerly awaiting its solar panels and greenery!


To keep up to date with the Eco Room and STEM Hub at Hawick, follow the @BordersSTEM Twitter Page.